fermata on rest and barline possible?


I am actually trying to produce a fermata on the rest and on the following barline.
Do these two cancel each other out?
So far I can not reproduce this example:

fermata on barline.png

I used for that Engraving mode. It need some little manual adjustment:)

thank you mipi, yes dragging it back from the next bar works.

Any way I would say an ability just to select a barline, invoke an hold-popover and type “fermata” would be much more intuitive way…

You can also achieve this without any manual adjustments by inserting the fermatas at different rythmic positions, e.g. beat 3 and 4. You can do this by activating the caret, move to the desired position and then invoke the popover.

Thank you Anders, good to knowk, any way we discuss fermata not on a particular rhytmic position but on a barline directly.

yes, but there’s a “Attach to barline” property for that. But in order to have two fermatas in the same bar, they need to be attached to different rhythmical positions.

Anders is right.