Fermata on the last note in a measure and another fermata on the barline

the composer of the project I’m working on would like a fermata on the last note in a cadenza and another fermata on the double-barline immediately following that note. I can see how to put a fermata on a note (that’s simple) and also how to have that fermata appear over the barline. But I can’t see how to put a second fermata on that note.
If I try to put a fermata on the next-to-the-last note and then move that fermata over the final note, it combines with the fermata I previously placed there.
The only way I can think of to achieve what I want is to use a text box and place the character for a fermata over the double bar, choosing the appropriate font size to look as I would like.
Is there another way to achieve two fermatas attached to a single note so that one can be over the note and one over the barline?

The other option is to put fermatas on two different beats, and then drag the one that isn’t the final beat over to the barline.
Here I’ve put the barline’s fermata on the penultimate chord “my” and then just dragged them over. Playback won’t be correct, but it will look correct.

here you can see what’s going on:

Thank you! I had had that idea, but I had tried to shift things while in Write mode - I forgot about being able to move them graphically in Engrave mode. Problem solved!

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This might be easier with shift x text than a text box (then it would move with the music if the score shifts around at all and wouldn’t require a page override). Don’t forget too that if you do that there is now a right-click menu to find symbols. (Much easier than the days of yore when we had to look it up on the smufl website and c&p.)

I was unaware that fermatas affect playback. They don’t, do they?

Whoops, you’re right about that. (They don’t affect playback.) It’s comparably rare that I use Dorico to do a mockup, so I had forgotten about this.

I guess the lesson is: when fermatas eventually DO affect playback, be forewarned that if you anchor them elsewhere for appearances, your mockup will be bungled.

But if fermata length can be configured, it will at least be that much less a hassle (hope, hope, hope).

But what if the last note is a whole note? :flushed:

The effect is the same. You don’t have to put the fermata directly on a note. And even if you, you can still put the extra fermatas on the penultimate note and still drag it over. Doesn’t really change anything.

What I need is this; I defined a hidden 4/4-measure and attached the 2nd fermate to the fourth quarter (hidden too). Then I had to tear the fermatas of the lower staves out of the page - not very elegant. Is there a better solution?

The only other options are to define a custom playing technique with a fermata as the symbol, or use shift X text to insert a music symbol. Apart from those options, what you did is just fine, until a newer version arrives that deals with this natively.

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Thank you! - Since I still feel a newbie confirmations like yours are very valuable!

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