Fermata position over different beats

I have a little problem. In my arrangement I have and ending where some instruments end on the third beat and some on the fourth beat. And I need a fermata on both beats.
This has never been a problem before, but suddenly it is a problem. When I try to move the fermata to the fourth beat in one of the voices by alt-arrow, it disappears when I reach the fourth beat.
I have tried to see if I have something hidden, that is in the way of the fermata, but I don’t see anything. Please help.

I find it hard to picture exactly what you’re describing, but I would suggest adding a fermata on the fourth beat: if the notes that need to show a fermata start their final note on the third beat and it continues into the fourth beat, Dorico will automatically show the fermata on the third beat for those instruments.

Hej Daniel.
Just found the solution. After the fermata I needed a breath mark. Re-positioning the point where the breath mark attaches to the bar, solved the issue.

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