fermata prevents hidden staves

I set up my violin 1 part to use my violin 1 player and a separate solo violin player, because there are a few bars in a long piece that require the section violin 1s to enter as the solo violin sustains a note. When the solo violin part has no notes, it is successfully hidden. Except, in one bar there is a fermata, so suddenly in just that system, my solo violin line appears with rests in it, because the fermata automatically applies to all staves. Is there a work around? Thx!

That’s strange. It has never happened to me, and I’ve used similar scenarios a lot. What happens if you select the fermata bar in solo violin and press delete? If this doesn’t make any difference, can you upload a screenshot or the project itself?

Whoops, sorry, found a blank text box in that staff…thanks for the “hide sign posts” including text boxes in the great new update!