Fermata wish

Something to put on the wish list. It would be great to have the option of when you place a fermata on beat 3 of one instrument, that Dorico would break up the whole rest in all of the other instruments to show the fermata on beat 3 also.

IIRC You are not the only one who would like to see this as an option.

I’d also like it to break notes similarly.

Yes, this is something we hope to implement in a future version of the software.

Wouldn’t that nicely be solved with a Cue? Having the fermata as you wish is so you can show the resting/tacet players where an important milestone is, but a cue would tell them even more and include the fermata.

I’d certainly rather have the pause on the same beat than use cues.

I came across a related problem: when two fermati concur in the same bar, only one is shown (which is expected). However, if one is normal and another is long, I would like the long one to prevail (or to be able to choose). In my case, the normal one precedes the long, and the instruments with no music in them show the normal one.

My Fermata wish would include;

  1. When placing a fermata on any note or rest in a bar, that it reflects in the same place in all of the players layouts.

  2. When 2 fermatas occur in the same bar, that they also reflect in the same place in all of the players layouts.

This will speed up workflow immensely!! Not to mention less rehearsal time explaining where the fermata lands in the bar and having players write that in their parts.

So I cordially disagree that when two fermatas occur in the same bar that only one appears in the parts of players that are resting. They should see two in the places where they occur.

Thank you Daniel and the rest of the Dorico team!!!

Stan Martin