Fermatas in slash regions

How can I show a fermata over the last slash (or any slash)? The hold only shows in the parts with written notes.

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Are you the Bass Sax player from the Nuclear Whales? I recognized the name.

It might be necessary to use a slash voice, rather than a slash region, in order to show fermatas, but I could be wrong.

On a side note - that’s a fair few staff spacing overrides. There are possibly easier, default-settings-y ways to achieve the same result.

  • If you want bigger gaps between staves, change your ideal gaps and minimum gaps between staves with sticking-out material (high/low notes, dynamics etc - stuff that goes above/below staff lines)

  • If this page wasn’t automatically filling to the bottom of the page, reduce your minimum threshold for vertical justification

  • If you want music to sit lower on the page, either change the page margins or music frame margins. Info about margins (with links to corresponding tasks at the bottom)

One solution would be to create a Playing Technique with a Fermata glyph and insert that over the slash region.

I am.

Thank you Lillie. I usually tweak the page layout as I move along and probably don’t pay enough attention to it until after I input the music satisfactorily. Layout for me is improving and suggestions are always welcome.

I’ll give both your advice and Lillie’s consideration. Thank you!