Fermatas not showing in slash region


I’ve discovered that fermate do not show when using slash regions. Is this intentional? is there any way to force them to show?

It is intentional, and so far as I know there is no way to force them to show.

Fermatas will show on slash voices though. Just add a slash using a slash voice and hide the stem in properties.

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Or use a stemless slash voice, I suppose.



Can I respectfully ask why this is intentional? I don’t know about others but many times I need a notation for players improvising, or creating improvised melodies, or many sections that don’t have standard meter, length, tempo, etc. Slash is so quick to use in these cases, but then I have no way of indicating to the player that this isn’t “one bar” but potentially many bars, or even no “bars” at all, just an open section. Sometimes I use a squiggle, but I like using that for ad lib sections, and then anyway if I use that I have to manually go in, move it to the center of the bar, select the rest, and hide it. Very cumbersome. If one could just use a fermata over a slash, this would make it blessedly simple. My workaround is to create a playing technique fermata somewhere else in the score (that does not have a slash) then find that fermata in Engrave mode, grab it and move it over to the middle of my slash bar. You can see doing this multiple times this could eventually make one tear one’s hair out (like, this morning!). I’m SURE there are many others who write music like this who would love this feature. Thank you. Enjoying Dorico as always…

To be honest, Bobby, I can’t remember exactly why we decided not to show fermatas in slash regions. We’ll look into reviewing this for the future.