fermatas without rests?

hi folks,

is there a way to place a fermata without a rest? or to put a fermata with a rest, and then hide the rest?
For example the attached opening of the Lutoslawski string quartet.

I’m also confused how to add fermatas - it seems I press Shift-H within the caret, then type in the words “fermata”, or at least “ferm”. Is there a more detailed list on how to get to the other fermatas?

Thank you,

You can add the different kinds of fermatas using the Holds and Pauses panel in Write mode. We will publish a complete list of what you can type into the various popovers very soon.

I’m not sure what the best way of producing Lutoslawski’s notation would be in Dorico right at the moment. Putting a fermata on a rest and hiding the rest isn’t possible. I think at the moment I would suggest putting the fermata on each of the first few notes, and then moving the fermata horizontally in Engrave mode.