Festive countdown NOT WORKING

Hi all,

Not being one to miss an opportunity for some free stuff or AT LEAST a bargain, I have been trying my hand at the FESTIVE COUNTDOWN, much heralded by Steinberg!!

The only problem is that, FOR ME, it aint working!!!

Every time I attempt to enter, and I must have tried 15 times over the last 3 days, I get told ENTER POST CODE??

As it happens, I am moving house next Wednesday, and I have updated my profile in My Steinberg Account to show my new address… but to no avail!!!

To quote another famous Christmas phrase…BAH FRIGGIN’ HUMBUG Steiny!!!

Any other UK based Cubase nuts having this problem, or is it that the Steinberg “Gods” have it in for just me?

Come to think of it, earlier this year I was told that I had “won one of the top prizes” in the UR fantastic photo contest, and I excitedly waited for delivery of my prize thinking “Yeah, I could really do with the Halion 6 programme”. After a lot of silence I actually received a 10 euro off voucher, not even GB £’s mind, but euros, which was actually worth about £8.00!!

I did say that I would frame it, but then actually used it to get the 9.5 upate a teeny bit cheaper, so maybe Steiny is just rejecting me because of that?

Anyway, I will keep trying an the basis that, sometimes, miracle do happen at Christmas (think James Stewart in Wonderful life!!), but I would be interesting in hearing from any other UK users as to whether they have successfully entered the Festive Countdown?


Jim B

Working fine for me every day so far.