Few editing tips are needed

Editing lots of small stuff now in Nuendo (Fsteps, body, bla bla)…
I find some stuff a bit annoying (I use to edit in PT).

  1. I use to work on specific events, move the around, find a sync or spots but it is annoying as hell cause the picture is syncd to the cursor. I can take an event from here to there with the arrowes but to find sync points I need to roll the cursor - double time job. cause also - most of the time I will need to cut something or make a fade(to cursor).
    Plus - if i touch the arrows by mistake and it can happend a lot, the editing widows throws me like a space jump, I dont know where I am and where the cursor is. Makes me insane.
    Any tips on those topics?

  2. The event gain-clip gain there is weird non liniar behavior. Can I make it more effective in anyway by making every movment less “weak”?

  3. Is there a way to fade in-out an event with one stroke?

thank you

1, Switch to Edit mode, Transposrt/Edit mode.

  1. Not sure I understand, sorry. :wink:

  2. You can make a shortcut for “fade to cursor” or make a default fade length in the fade editor.

You are probably referring to the second layer of clip gain, which is acheived by using the pen.
(You can draw a non-linerar curve to your linkings)
The actual event clip gain is very simple.
Select the event and you’ll see a small white dot on top, in the middle of the event.
Just pull that down.