Few Engraving Questions for parts

So I am just getting into part prep for my first piece on Dorico and I have gotten the hang of most of it until now…

Below is a flute part for a woodwind quintet, multi-flow score.

First issue is that the tempo marking is way too high (for my taste) but when I adjust it, it also adjusts in the Full score! I get the feeling there is a way to adjust it in either the setup or engraving options but I couldn’t find anything.

Secondly, the title of the Flow was actually lower and in colliding with the Tempo marking. I adjusted it here but I am nervous about text frame adjustments (the last time I did too many and had to override all my work because it was getting buggy).

Finally, I’m assuming Fl. is part of Label but I am not sure. I’m fine with it there but it sets itself directly under the Tempo Marking which, to me, looks a little cluttered. I want the Fl. label in the top right corner (preferably above the Flow title). Are there some magic buttons to get all these items in order? Thanks in advance!

It’s usually difficult to be dogmatic from just a screenshot without seeing the file. I’m assuming this player holds multiple instruments. That “Fl.” is an instrument change label. As such, there’s no way to automatically place it at the top left… for that, you’d want to edit either the master page (to place that label relative to the page) or the flow header (to place it relative to the flow title).

For the collision, try setting your bottom margin of the flow header (Layout Options–Page Setup–Flows) to a higher value.

After some thought, I like the standard setting of the Label, and reverted it back. Will try your suggestion though.

If you want to reduce pressure on vertical spacing at the start, you could show the abbreviated staff label on the first system instead of the label above. You can set this to appear on the first system of all flows in the layout (which if you have multiple flows affects all of them) or just on this system using a system/frame break.

On another note, if you want to reduce the amount of things visible on the screen while engraving, you can hide/show the system track (the floating grey bar above the system). In 3.5 there’s also a handy key command that temporarily hides signposts, frame borders etc as an “instant print preview”. If your indication “(marimba)” is intended as a cue, you could also input a cue?

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(PS @bmomusical - excellent flow title.)


Is there a way to independently edit the Part but leave the score alone?

I have an issue where I want the attacca (using Text) to appear at the end of the score but in the part I want it underneath the part towards the end. If I move it in the part, it moves in the score as well. Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks in advance.

At the top right edge of the properties panel there is a “Set Local properties” switch. If it’s set to “Globally” then any changes you make to local properties (which includes dragging objects around, as this sets offset properties) will be made to all layouts. If you set the switch to “Locally” then changes you make will only apply to the layout in front of you.


Beautiful. Thank you.