Few gaps in recording Cubase 6 Elements

Tried to record a music stream using the Realtek HD Stereo Mix using Cubase 6 Elements stereo audio track on my laptop with Windows 7. I noticed a gap (silence) at some random intervals.

When I record using the Windows recorder, there are no gaps in the recording.

How can I prevent these gaps in Cubase?



Sorry, I don’t know Realtek products. This is your sound card? Does it have ASIO driver? What about your computer/system configuration?

You are using the motherboards soundcard, possibly the worst thing you could use, you could try installing the ASIO4ALL driver, or get a proper ASIO soundcard.

Thanks for your replies.

As I am discovering home recording, I want to keep costs down initially and start simple and maybe this is the price I pay: latency or gaps.

My system config is a Intel Core Duo Asus latop with 4GB RAM and Windows 7 HP. Indeed, I still use the onboard soundcard made by Realtek.

The driver I use is the ASIO DirectX full duplex driver. I tried the ASIO4All driver, but that wasn’t successful as I could not start recording nor playback. Probably a newbie issue.



Go to asio4all.com and download the free driver. Then use that driver instead of the DirectX. You will be much happier, and no poorer! :sunglasses: :wink:

ASIO4ALL, confirm. Not ideal solution, but it is working solution.