Few minor bugs i found during first day of WL12

Hello, i found two bugs in WL 12 that bug me :slight_smile:
First one : Not able to customize " Text snippets within the " open new montage dialogue.
It simply wont save any custom texts.
It does work when i go to settings/ Variables and add a custom line there.
Second : The output filters, most noticeable when set to anything below 100hz.
There’s a very weird digital crackle, probably around crossover point.
Hopefully this gets looked at in future updates.


Please attach a screenshot so that I know exactly what you mean.

I can’t reproduce this. Can you give more details?

Hi PG1,

I send you a short screen recording via We-transfer.
Hope that helps.
The filter section part is difficult to hear in the video because i just realized i didn’t change my settings to record wavelabs direct audio.
However, i hope you be able to pick up what i mean, its pretty clear when replicated.


Thanks for your video.
For the Text Snippets, this will be fixed in WaveLab 12.0.20.

For the filter, try with a lower dB slope in WaveLab. As you can see on the FFT meter, the slope is much softer with the plugin you use to compare with.

Hmm interesting, That might be the problem.
the slope doesn’t seem to change the actual filter setting.
Whatever slope settings i choose in WL it stays the same on the FFT.

You need to toggle the filter button On/Off for the new effect setting to take effect.

Hello PG,

Yes, I’m aware of that. the slope doesn’t change.
it doesn’t matter if I choose " infinite " or lets say 6DB.
reactivating doesn’t alter the actual filter settings. The FFT shows that also.

Please try again, as I have just done, using some Bob Marley song to have some bass :slightly_smiling_face:
Not only the Spectrometer but the sound changes.
Again, you need to stop playback and toggle the filter button Off then On.

Ah yes, the actual play button did the trick regarding the slope settings.
But now I’m back to my initial thoughts" the filter does seem to leak high frequencies above the cutoff, ( Almost like it leaking of some sort )
Its clearly distorting compared to other filters. not the biggest issue, i will just use something else. But not ideal obviously. I’m not a filter nor software designer so maybe its just me being picky.
Its just clear to me that TB pro audio’s ISOL 8 sounds a lot cleaner in the low end.

Thanks again.

Trying to understand what filter/EQ are you using inside WL?

regards S-EH

I don’t ear that and don’t see that on the FFT meters.


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These are the settings used, on my system there are a bunch of extra harmonics visible with WL 12 filter activated.
They aren’t there with the test tone ( obviously) neither with the TB audio Isolate with same settings.
Hope that helps.


I have tried here now and works very well with my stuff
I can’t see and hear any wrong here…
WL 12.0.10
OSX Ventura
MacBook Air M1

regards S-EH

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Strange…well" thanks for trying anyways !

Hmm, I can confirm these harmonics / distortions / (aliasing ?) when activating the live monitoring filter options within the Montage. Below some screenshots:

Bass stem without filtering

Bass stem with LPF via Montage (default settings, 250Hz / -48dB)

Bass stem with LPF via Frequency plugin within the MasterSection (250Hz / -48dB / Q=1)

Some more obvious examples with an active TestGenerator plugin as Clip Effect (same results when using as Track Effect or Output Effect).

440Hz Sine tone without filtering

440Hz Sine tone with LPF via Montage (default settings, 250Hz / -48dB)

440Hz Sine tone with LPF via Frequency plugin within the MasterSection (250Hz / -48dB / Q=1)

Seems like the distortions happen with any selected live filter in the Montage (so LPF, BPF and HPF), as long as the pass frequency is somewhat close to the signal frequency (although on very low levels).

WaveLab Pro 12.0.10, Windows 11 Pro 23H2.

It’s not that high, but I can confirm.