Few questions with Cubase 7


I’ve been using Cubase 7 for few months and have some questions.

  1. Is there any functions or simple methodsfor exporting(mixing down) wav file as loop while working with MIDI and VSTi? (for example “render as loop” option in Ableton).

  2. I always exit Cubase and restart it then export the project to reset all “round robin” samples of VSTis.
    Is there any functions or methods to reset all “round robin” of the vstis?


Thanks for the link.

Which VSTi are you using? Some will have a round robin reset switch that you can automate.

I use various VSTi and have some Play vstis that have round robin reset function.
But I want to reset every vstis at once including Play vsti and others for convenience. :slight_smile:

Well, now you’re getting greedy :slight_smile:

You’ll have to insert the corresponding MIDI message, based on the VSTi used, and place it on each track. Copy/Paste and/or Alt+drag are your friends.