Few things where Cubase 6 has gone downhill since C4 & C5

1. Clips on top of each other. When clips where on top of each other the clips use to be darker in those areas. This was one of the best features I loved about Cubase and disliked Pro Tools for example. It really helped a lot. But this is no longer the case with C6. Now there´s only stripes that are very hard to see and ONLY when you bring the mouse over the clip files. This really kills my workflow. It makes it difficult to navigate in the project, to see what´s going on with the clip files and finding clips that have multiple takes or just are on top of each other. :imp:

2. Loop recording. Let´s say I loop record 10 takes. I use to get one clip file with all the different takes (right clicking above the clip I could choose my take from the list), but now I get 10 clips on top of each other. This is really annoying and kills my workflow.

3. The clip names. The clip names use to be under in it´s on area separated from the area where the wave illustration is. Now the names are on TOP of the wave illustration preventing me to see the wave file fully from the beginning. Again very annoying.

Please Steinberg, bring these features back!!! And please stop “fixing” what isn´t broke, but actually are the main things I loved about Cubase and separates it to it´s advantage from the others. :ugeek:

Re-#2, you can enable lanes on that track (by clicking the lanes icon on said track) in order to see each of your takes separately and choose which you you want with a simple mouse click. I believe there is a preference that lets you modify how clip names show up on the clips (#3), but I can’t remember about the impact it has on the name display (I’m not in front of DAW, sry). Look it up under the preference menu though.

Take care!

#1 - Search your prefs to make them always visible.

#2 - Are you talking about the “to front”-menu? It’s available here with a right click. In addition, you’ve got a little arrow at bottom center of the stacked events for choosing takes. But the lanes are really practical, try them.

#3 - I agree

#4 These things aren’t that hard to find out on your own, and definitely faster than writing a post and waiting for someone to answer :wink:


Like 99% of questions asked in this forum. And that’s 99.9% after you learn to use forum search :stuck_out_tongue:

It´s hard to start looking for a feature, that has been changed to something different (in these cases for the worse). That tells me the old feature is gone for good, so why even start looking for it? Instead it´s better to come straight here in the forums and complain about it. :wink:

1. Clips on top of each other. I´ve searched the prefs now that you say this “feature” is still there, but I could not find anything. I even searched the manual, but nothing…

2. Loop recording. Yes the right click menu is still there, but that wasn´t my problem. My problem was that it records 10 clip files on top of each other, NOT just one (with all the takes) like it used to be.

3. The clip names. I´m glad that somebody agrees! I mean, what the bliip they were thinking? :open_mouth:

By the way another annoyance that I forgot to mention:

4. Cutting clip files. When I have two clip files on top of each other and I alt+click to cut the top clip, it also cuts the clip below, which is really annoying. It wasn´t this way before, it used to cut just the clip above!

If Steinberg is going to make these changes, why can´t they put the options to the preferences, but not change the default preferences that used to be. It´s really annoying with every release to go trough another learning curve and search forever trough the preferences and manual for these old bread&butter features, if they even exist anymore…??? :imp:

Steinberg, leave my bread&butter functions and features alone!

Ok, I’ll give it away: Prefs->Event display: Show overlaps (Never|Always|On mouse over), still striped though but better than nothing.

About the loop recording, I guess then that you are talking about midi recording?
That setting is managed at the same place as always, the “Record mode” section of the transport bar. You’ve probably got your midi cycle setting set to “stacked” or “mix-stacked” but you want just “mix”?

The deep cutting of stacked events is an annoyance when you edit without using lanes, when using them it’s a good feature in my opinion.


Thanks! Found it now. The striped thing is still annoying and very hard to see, but yes better than nothing.

Loop Recording. Nope, I´m talking about audio recording. Think of a card deck. When I loop record 10 loops/takes, I get ten cards, when I used to get just one card (with all the takes inside of that one card).

5. Grabbing clips and moving them. It´s really annoying , when I grab a clip, it flips the colors upside down. I have the waveform set to black and background gray. So when I grab a clip, the waveform turns to gray and the background turns to black. This is REALLY confusing and it´s hard to do any critical manual quantisizing because of this. I wish the colors would stay the same when I grab a clip! (Maybe a small highlight around the clip file would be ok, can´t remember if it was this way).

The worst thing for me is near #1.
When you move events that were partially under other events they move to foreground. It’s annoying when you edit really fast and have lots of events, at drum editing for example.
Yesterday it took me two times about 10 minutes (in front of clients!) to find ‘bad’ edits which had never be happenend in C5.
Can we have to old behaviour back (at least optionally)?

Thanks, Matze!

BTW: C6 really feels better and looks better than C5, even when I liked the blue highlighted buttons in the toolbar…


I’m sure if you have a closer look at the new lane editing functions (based on the pro tools behaviour), you’ll learn to love it.
As soon as you switch on lanes in the project window, it’s easier to see how the clips overlap than before and editing them is much easier as well.
Concerning cycle recording: if you make an audio part of what you recorded and edit it in the part editor it’s just like in C5. However, I prefer the project window lane view thing.

regards, greque

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It’s even worst when some events are totally under other events. Before C6, it was possible to access them with the arrow keys, and bring them to front if you wanted to (with a key command). So it was very easy and very fast to go through all the events on one track, and bring them to front or to back as you wished.

Now they are ignored by arrow key navigation (probably because of the new lane behavior). It makes work and composition with very small snippets of sound (for instance rex rhythm loops) extremely difficult, clumsy and frustrating.

My personal #2 has gone somewhere in C5.
It’s that Undo while recording doesn’t work any longer.

That’s especially annoying when you have a really fast workflow.
I am used to use the precount of a take to make cuts and edits for the last one. So the artist hasn’t to wait for me and I am done with my basic stuff after a recording session.

Cheers, Matze!

#1: just like the OP I’d prefer the previous view of overlapping events over striped eye-mess.
Recently I changed prefs to ‘never’ - easier on the eyes, harder to navigate. A little tip is to set a keyco for lane view. To check whether there are (now invisible) overlaps I just have to push a button.

#4: the current cut-through-the-ground method is definately not so welcome here.
I can see it’s uses though for other users, but for me it’s simply creating a lot of complications.

Please Steinberg, give us a pref option to untick ‘cut all takes’ for the guys who would like to work in a different way!