Few useful Suggestions for re-split position between G/F Clefs & add "minimal Duration" to Requantize

Working with the new real time midi input cause me some troubles that can be solved easily by adding the following suggestions:

  1. Edit --> Re-Split position for selected bars:
    If I used midi split point = 60 (Middle C) between Treble and Bass Clef, then in few parts of the song - I wish to change the position because both hands moved to higher registry, so left hand is playing notes above middle C, I wish there was a way to re-split point differently for those specific bars(Already reported to Daniel - Thanks).

  2. Filter --> All notes above /bellow specific Note:
    Currently Filter by pich - I had to put all the notes that I wish to transfer from Treble Staff to Bass Clef: one by one pressing “Add” (C, Add, C# Add, D, Add, D# Add ,E Add ,F) - then I can use “N/M” keys to move it to differnt stave.
    I wish I simply could Filter All notes below F (just for this example) then it will be easily filtered all the desired notes and typing “M” will move them.

  • By the way - it will be also useful if the current filter by pitch will be able to input the pitches by midi keyboard, where I can press “detect” and then press all the keys I want on the keyboard at the same time and it will automatically add all of them without pressing “Add” so many times…
  1. I wish Requantize feature had another option (like in cubase) where you can determine the minimal note length.
    Currently - when I use real time midi input, if I play on the left hand simple harmony like (3/4: Bass-Chord-Chord, Bass-Chord-chord where each is playing quarter - 1/4), sometimes I leave the chord a bit too early and then dorico decided to put 8th or even 1/16 instead of quarter 1/4, even if I requantize to quarters 1/4, it keeps the 8th or 1/16, - that’s because It is already quantized to the down-beat (The note was press exactly on the beginning of the bit but was not hold enough time to be in a duration of 1/4). Then I need to manually select all these 8ths and Force Duration back to Quarter.
    I wish I could simply set a minimal length = Quarter (1/4) - then it will spell automatically all my Bass-chord-chord as (q,q,q ; q,q,q :wink:

Asides for that I really love the new real time feature and it improved dramatically the fast way I write music now - and it is much more fun to compose like that where I don’t need to think in advanced the length of each note I’m going to play and change it almost each ntoe. Really improved my flow of ideas and inspiration.
Jerome Feinberg

Thanks for your suggestions, Jerome. I think points 1 and 2 really amount to the same thing: you want to be able to change the split point after the fact. We agree this would be useful and we will add this in future.

I also agree that an option to make notes abut instead of leaving rests dotted about would be useful, and I’m sure we’ll be able to implement that in future too.

Thank you Daniel & the team. These implementations will really save a lot of time after recording with real time midi input and will complement the new feature.
All the best!


  1. First of all - and although you’ve implemented it a while ago - I forgot to say - Thank you for implementing the suggestion of minimal duration" on Requantize - Works amazing. :smiley:
  2. I was very excited with the new option in Dorico 3.1 to manually change Condensing preferences (voice1/2 up/down) on a specific note and further.
    Then selecting other note on different location in the score and apply a new change as seen in this video.
    I hope Dorico team will implement same approach regarding the split note between G/F Clefs.
    I hope we will be able to select specific place in the score and from now on use the split key at C4 (just as an exmple), then after few bars select a note - choose from now on to split on A4 (for example).
    It will save so much time - after each recording of piano real time input - no need to manually selecting note by note all over the composition and use CTRL+N for each note seperately. PLEASE this is so annoying.