Few vocal tracks , same settings ?

For instance i have those 4 vocal tracks and i want to apply same setting on each track.
Every time I apply same setting individually on each track but its time consuming . I have tried group channel but it seems like it doesnt work on selected tracks . Perhaps iam doing it incorrectly.
Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks


You can save and load a Track Preset. Our you can drag and drop the setting from one channel to another one. Do so in the MixConsole, drag and drop the name field down below the fader from the source track to the destination.

Thank your for your prompt response. Does the same strategy apply to vst plugins(already set) from one channel to another ?

Yes, you can copy the whole track settings this way (use the track name). If you want to Cody just Inserts, drag and drop the Inserts header in the MixConsole. Same for Channel Strip, Sends, Routing and other tabs.

I use the Q-link function a lot (top of mixer). Simply highlight the desired tracks, switch on Q-Link, add inserts, sends etc, set level, pan, input/output routing and all selected channels will follow suit.

Yes, this is nice and works while making the setup. Thank you for mentioning this.

Once the setup is already done and you want to copy the settings, so it the way I described.

that’s what i need ! Thanks