FF Pro MB Side-chain

I’m trying to side-chain the bass with the input of the kick.

With Pro MB as an insert on the bass bus I have selected a couple kick tracks as side-chain inputs and then activated the side-chain button. I’m using other bands set internally to compress regions of the bass but the low band that I want triggered by the kick is set to external and no compression whatsoever is happening.

Can anybody help?

Can anybody (i.e. “you”) explain, what exactly the problem is?

No side-chain compression is happening.

My kick is set as the side-chain input, side-chain is activated, the band I want ducking to the side-chain is set to external. Nothing is happening. If I set it to internal the band visually compresses but that’s to itself not to the kick.

The global Plugin sidechain is also activated, or only for the frequency Band?
And also the sidechain signal band is adjusted for the correct frequency range?
And you are using the VST 3 Version of the Plugin?

If by global you mean the “activate side-chain” button then yes.
I don’t understand why the side-chain signal band’s frequency range would matter I’m just trying to duck something to the kick signal. Even if it did matter both the fundamental of the bass and kick are hovering around 80hz so that wouldn’t even matter.
VST3 yes. I see the three notches next to the plugin when I select it.

Because if you are inh “free” sidechain mode a sidechain kick Signal filtered so that only Signals above 6 kHz arrive at the sidechain might get you running into problems.
Here´s a Picture of what it should look like. You don´t need to be in “free” sidechain modus though.

I understand the free mode and it’s a useful feature but isn’t part of my issue. My issue is simply that the literal sidechained signal isn’t appearing to register. Like I said if I use the internal mode (my bass track is being compressed normally using its own threshold) then it works–i.e. you can literally see the yellow Fab Filter band hopping up and down as it compresses. The moment I switch it to external the band ceases to move–no signal, no sidechain. This is a sad day for my Cubase needs, I’m new to Cubase and I’m hoping and assuming I’m doing something wrong.

I literally just had an elaborate series of screenshots and a long explanation ready seeking out any way I could have screwed this up. And today after reopening that session where the sidechaining isn’t working it magically works. I didn’t alter anything, I probably did restart my computer and I certainly closed Cubase at some point.

Nothing was wrong, Cubase was just being difficult. Thanks for the help.