Field recorder audio import and mediabay question

Hi guys
I have a situation where I cannot get the field recorder to see any of my daily sound.
From AAF my file names have descriptions like this: SB_EP02_SCA38_SLT_A_TK2
In the dailies they are named like this: Ep02-Sc52A-001.wav
I scan my dailies in field recorder, but no matter how I define the metadata on the retrieval side, try, it does not pick up the files on the matching field recorder side.

I have a similar problem in mediabay, not picking up the files.
I can scan the drive with the dailies and mediabay will see the folders. However it will give me no files. Only when I go into each folder and say quick rescan, does it show me the files.
When I close media bay and open again, I have to do the same process.
Mediabay settings are without any filters, set to all media types all ratings.

I work in N11 latest version with Windows 10 pro64bit, all the bells and whistles all up to date.
The dailies are on a normal NTFs formatted drive.
Folder structure:
Shoot day/AUDIO/GD_SND_01
There are no funny attribs or permission set to the drive and its content.
In Windows I am admin with all privileges.

Any help will be much appreciated

Thanks Janno

dont know about media bay, but if your aaf contains mxf media, there is (at least to my knowledge) no way to get metadata, because nuendo can not read mxf metadata yet.

Update - Solved
@soundcage - In field recorder you can create your own metadata from an events description,and use that to specify “scene” “take” and “tape” which you can use as filters to find audio in the dailies folder.
No matter what I tried, FR would not show me the contents of my dailies folder… Eventually I went back to N10 and it all worked as advertised. I then re ran my update to N11.0.41 and that fixed my problem. I can now also scan folder in media bay and it shows my files!
Happy days