Field Recorder Audio

Firstly thankyou for this amazing cool feature. Totally saved our ass on a huge project where we had to relink everything back to source as editors could not work with edls, and they only cut with mix tracks. (the poly files sometimes had up to 16 channels)

1.Create your own custom fields:
In Under metadata retrieval, the ability to create your own custom fields, same under filters.
On the projects we work on they use Scene, Slate, take and not Scene, Take, Tape.
Please note - sort columns would have to reflect the custom fields

  1. Relink to omfs and aafs that was exported with handles.
    When relinking back to source, the only way that source media would match the omf or aaf clip would be if the editors exported the project with
    “export all audio and no handles” setting. The moment they specified handles for the omf or aaf, the FRA will link back to the correct clip but not match the position of the audio. You would have to scroll through the whole clip to find and match the audio position.

3.Search Results window to have same functionality as media bay window:
Currently you only have two options: add to your pool or insert on lanes. It would be great if I could drag and drop from search results straight onto my timeline, or to highlight a part of a clip and drag it onto the timeline.

My wishlist