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I have downloaded the trial version of Nuendo in order to take advantage of the field recorder option since I will be mixing a TV show with 16 tracks of LAV’s (ISO’s). I am willing to commit to the program (which means buy it) if it can deliver the goods. I am a long time LPX and PRO TOOLS user, but unfortunately for this project LPX is a no-no and PRO TOOLS needs to be upgraded to Ultimate which is out of the question.

In order to test Nuendo, I created an AAF file (from Avid MC) that contains a 5 minute sequence with 2 channels of audio that are included in a BWF file that contains 4 separate channels. I imported this AAF in Nuendo so I could seek the other 2 channels of audio in the BWF file via the field recorder option. I managed to find them and Nuendo correctly placed these channels synced in lanes as it should. However, there is an outline on their waveforms and these channels do not have any output when played. Any clues of what I am doing wrong?

If you are talking about the white clips, They are muted. Select them and choose Edit > Unmute

You can assign mute/unmute to a keyboard shortcut to toggle clips being muted and unmuted, super useful. (Or maybe it’s already assigned by default - I changed mine to “0” though on numberpad)

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Wow, feeling rather embarassed…

However, I have never used any program within the Steinberg family so I feel rather naked!!!
The field recorder option is a “must” for what I need in order to work with this new project and if I commit to Nuendo I’ll have to learn many things in a very short period of time!!!

Thank you so much

For sure! This forum is super helpful so ask away!

Nuendo is extremely powerful - I went to school for Pro Tools engineering and prefer Nuendo in almost every single way.

Also def look into macros, they can speed up your workflow like crazy (Pro Tools still doesn’t have them right?).

Truth is I have never used a Steinberg program throughout the years of my career. Due to circumstances I have also been very close to Avid and Logic Pro X since I am a long time Mac user. However, it seems that as life goes on you always have to make space for new experiences!!! I will do some more tests in order to take advantage of my Nuendo trial and if everything turns out fine (which seems it will) I will eventually hit the tutorial section!!!

If Nuendo can’t do it, you are trying something very wierd :wink:

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Well, a 60-day trial period is very generous and gives plenty of time to test the program against my needs but also to establish a satisfactory learning curve since I have never used it before.

So, if everything works out fine, I will definitely be spending much time in this forum :slightly_smiling_face: