Field recorder import. like Wave Agent?

I have 3 sound engineer with different recorders, setups naming etc…
I’d like from mediabay to import a file but just grab from the recorded polyfile say 3&4 as stereo for MS 5; 6; 7 as 3 monos for HF and skip 1&2 that are mixdown.
is there a way to do that rather then 1/import file 2/split multichannel file 3/merge tracks by tracks, 4/rename files (because auto naming from split/merge is not good) 5/ delete unused split files from nuendo 6/remove them from drive :stuck_out_tongue: ?
I used to have Wave Agent on windows… it’s fine but lots of bugs in the end i stoped.

No, you can’t extract individual tracks from a MBwav.
Think of it, the multichannel track needs to be split one way or the other.
It’s not that a MBwav has x-number of tracks stitched together; it’s one single file.

Use this all of the time to split MBwav’s, and never had a problem.
Actually, Wave Agent is regarded as being the reference tool to split MBwav’s.


mac/ pc ? I was on PC. I had strange behaviors where if you didn’t open tabs the proper way in specific order things would mess up metadata or just do nothing… I don’t remember all but was not easy :stuck_out_tongue:
ans as It doesn’t look like it has been updated since 2007(!) I prefer to avoid.

But would be nice on the “import Options” window to have more option.
like tick the channels you want … convert / combine them to interleave etc …
save a preset for next files with same amount of tracks or recorder name…


I don’t see the issue/
-Import file(s)
-Set destination folder


I have to come back to this; you can do it within the Field Recorder Functionality.

You might try to assemble the mixdown files (as the video editor does) and find the corresponding files through the Field Recorder.

Surely not the most convenient workflow, but it should work.

That being said, whatever assembly tool you are going to use, you will always end up with all of the tracks. So if the field recorder has -say- 16 tracks, but only used two, then you are going to end up with 16 tracks of which 14 will be empty.
That’s what Dialog Editors do every day.


thx i’ll try wave agent again then maybe the windows 8 I was using then was not ideal (?)