Field recorder - Matching all files incorrectly

Field recorder - in my case here it is matching all files incorrectly. Look at the image, at the end of the list.
The result list is growing, FINALLY it will say it matches all files in the database… That is incorrect.
I will try to repro this as this has to get fixed, but will have to complete a urgent small project first.
Skärmavbild 2019-08-07 kl. 10.46.19.png
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And when I did get what seemed like correct matches, the inserted list of alts in the project was crazy.
Skärmavbild 2019-08-07 kl. 11.25.42.png
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And when I tried to move a stack of clips from one track to another, I get a spinning beachball…

Perhaps it is time to clear out prefs and flower again?
Something is bad, whatever it is.

Hi Erik,

could you solve this problem or is it still existing?


Hi Timo. I had to take over a tv series mix so I have not had time to look into it unfortunately.