field recorder workflow - track name display


I was wondering if anybody of you does use Nuendo to edit production sound for movies on Nuendo?
While trying to do so, I´m missing the possibility to display the field recorders information in the info line (or even better: in the audio event itself!)
The Broadcast Extenstion information is already being readout by Nuendo: One can choose to display the Scene/Take and Roll data in the Info line (right click > Audio Assets).

But not the Track Name and Channel order! Why ?

Please make this information available, otherwise Nueno will not be usable for editing sound for movies.
BTW: In the German version, you translated “notes” with “Noten”. It should read “Notizen” oder “Anmerkungen” as it doesn´t refer to musical aspects.

Thank you,

It’s a known problem without a workaround. I hope they solve it soon.

Yes, we split all location sound to mono and then have a script that pushes the track name to the notes metadata, , then we conform using Titan, thus we can see it in Nuendo.