Field recording audio import not quite there yet

I want to be able to import poly files from field recorders via normal ”import audio” and have them splitted to mono upon import and keeping all individual track related metadata.
And take comments must be available in the columns in the field recorder audio import window. Now it is not. This info is very much needed when searching alternative lines for a scene.

Thanks /Tumppi


Sorry to bumb this up already but this really needs to happen.
Can someone from SB please respond?
One more thing to the already mentioned feature requests: I want drag and drop to audio tracks from field recorder import window. Too muck clicking needed when one just wants to have alt take on desired tracks. Don’t want to go via and I see no reason why not just drop to selected track?

+1 again.

I just tried this, and it works as expected. Unless I completely misunderstoof you.

-Upon import: Split Channels - Set to “Audio-Trackname”
After import, all metadata present in each individual file.
Field Recorder Import.jpg

This is import to pool? Right?
Again, too much clicking for many situations. I want either to select just one track in Nuendo project window, then import to that track and to the ones below the chosen track, or just drag and drop to where I want to…
Now options are just to lanes or to pool, right?

And, I really need take comments to find possible alt takes…

Bye / Tumppi

My apologies, I was just reponding to your question:

What I described did just that.

Confused, I must be missing something.
Importing files (not via Field Recorded feature), splitting them and placing them on different tracks works like it has worked before.
With the added option that the tracks are named as the track names from the field recorder.

Again, don’t understand. All metadata is there after split.

What am I missing?


Have to check later about this import.

Don’t see take comments on field record import. Only scene, take, tape etc…

Either I do not understand something or what I want does not exist.

  1. When importing polyfile “the old way” (without Field recorder import workflow) I don’t get any new option how the splitted files should be named.
  2. And I don’t see take comments as option in the field recorder import window.
  3. And can’t drag and drop files from field record import window to selected track and the tracks below it.

Bye / Tumppi

Import audio.JPG

From Pro Tools workspace this is what I see. And I can search shots and see file comments etc. And can drag and drop…

It seems that I got lost in the version update history. Difficult to keep track, since we are far ahead in beta. :slight_smile:
Which means that this is coming in the first update.
Don’t tell anyone …


How do you find time among your normal studio work for so many productions to do that much beta testing work? (sorry for side tracking this but I think the discussion has come to a close?)

We simply do our work with these beta versions. :slight_smile:
That’s the only way to properly test a(ny) software.


Ok! I don’t tell anyone :wink:

How about including take comments to the pack?

Aaaannnd: I really need/want to see take comments also in the pool. Take comments are a must when searching efficiently alt takes…
Why oh why it is excluded from the metadatas???

Bye / Tumppi

Working with the metadata are essential today.
I work on Pyramix Merging Technology for French TV and it is a formidable tool for conformation, direct editing, search for alt takes … thanks to their development of the use of these data.
Steinberg has finally started this work and I hope he will develop it quickly and efficiently.
I totally agree with Tumppi.
One thing that I do not understand is why there is no option synck to original TC in the options of the audio alignment tool.

In addition, when I import a sound from the field recorder audio import tool, why N10 creates a simple wave file without the original metadata, including the original recording TC?


in N10.1 - the field recorder and split tracks is a dream come true, only It would be nice to have an option to place on tracks not just lanes for our workflow

Yes, I’ve asked this before. This step to go via lanes is just useless clicking…