Field Recording Help

I am new to field recording and was hoping someone could help me out. WIND is a HUGE issue for me. I have a windsock and have gone as far as to wrap my ZOOM recorder even in extra protection ONLY to have wind enter the recording some how, some way. My question is this. Is there a way to remove the wind sounds from the recording without disrupting the sounds I am recording. Some of the wind sounds are with other sounds I want to keep so just highlighting and deleting simply wont work. Is there some way to filter out these unwanted sounds? Thank you in advance.

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You could possibly isolate some of the wind noise in Wavelab Pro Spectral Editor for removal, but I don’t know how possible or effective it would be. You could demo Wavelab Pro, but you would need a usb elicenser to do so. If you get no further answers here, you might try the Zoom Forum or Gearslutz Remote Recording forum for advice on recording techniques for this, or possible removal with software.

Or you could demo Wavelab Elements with Restore Rig, without a usb elicenser, and try the Denoiser in Restore Rig to “learn” the wind noise for removal to see if that might be effective for what you want. But reducing the wind noise during recording would probably still be the preferred method.