Fighting with engrave mode

Hello again, friends!

I have run into another challenge I can’t seem to figure out.
Hopefully, someone can shed som light on this.

I did some layout work on something, but then I had to transpose the music from G major to F# major. The additional sharps changed the layout, so I got to work.

I marked the ends of the systems and hit Make into frame (see the attached image “Frame 1”). The result had a single bar as it’s own system and made the page useless. (See “Frame 2”).
I then marked the bars I wanted to make into a system and then hit Make Into System. (See “Frame 3”).
The result is, disappointingly identical to where I started (See “Frame 4”).
“Frame 5” is a snippet of what it looked like before I transposed it.

I’ve tried locking the frame before Making Into System, and vice versa. It all produces the same result.
I’m thinking there’s maybe some settings in Layout Options, but for fear of messing up all the other layouts in the project, I’m reluctant to use those.
Any tips?

Thank you all for your help!
All the best from Jim-Roger Knutsen

Here’s “frame 4 and 5”.

This should be easy enough to fix - once you have it looking like “Frame 2”, go into the properties for the frame break (select the signpost) and enable “wait for next system break”. In reality, all those those “make into frame” and “make into system” buttons actually do is add a couple frame or system breaks and adjust the “wait for next system break” and “wait for next frame break” options accordingly.

Try reducing the staff size first, as the third bar in your Frame 1 screenshot already looks quite tightly spaced. This might prevent you having to “fight” at all! If you don’t want to change the staff size for the entire layout, you can change it more locally by setting properties on system/frame break signposts.

Choosing a smaller staff size and deleting the existing system break signposts might draw the music back as you want it automatically. However, if it doesn’t, try deleting the system break signposts, select the frame break signpost at letter B and activate Wait for next frame break in the Properties panel at the bottom of the window (as the poster above said). This tells Dorico to put everything after that frame break into the same frame, until the next frame break or the end of the flow.

I tried doing what mducharme suggested and it worked flawlessly (although I did manually adjust the note spacing in bar 40, which already looked tight.)
I’ll definitely keep Lillie’s tip in mind for later as well. That seems very handy!

I thank you both very much for taking the time to help me with what (unsurprisingly) turned out to be really simple.
All the best!