Figurato font not present in graphics output

I need to produce PDF-files of some baroque scores with figured bass done with the Figurato font. The requested format is B4 - which my printer does not have - so I assumed that the only way to do this was to to use Dorico’s native graphics export.

However, when I try this the Figurato font disappears in the resulting PDF file (everything else is rendered perfectly). Figurato does “survive” when I do a direct print-out or use an external “Print to PDF”-program, but both these result in the PDF being in my printer’s A4-format…

Can anybody suggest a reason/solution? I am on Windows.

Lars Ulrik

Is it possible that you have tried to force Figurato to be bold or italic, Lars? If so, that may well go wrong when exporting PDF. Check that you’ve not set the lyrics font style, or whichever one you chose to use for your figured bass, to request bold, bold italic or italic Figurato.

Thanks, Daniel, for stepping in.

No, Figurato was indeed set to Regular (I use the Lyrics Translation font style for figured bass).
But I did a little more research last night and found this, which seemed related to my issue:

It did indeed turn out that I had not installed Figurato “for all users”. I have now, and everything seems to be working.
So I think the problem is solved. Thanks again.

Very good. It turns out that the specific problem mentioned in that thread is not that the font has to be installed for all users, but actually that the path has to be shorter than a certain length, otherwise it gets mangled when the font is embedded into the PDF. We’ve fixed that problem ahead of our next release, so the requirement to have fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts will be relaxed from that version.

Thank you for the info.