Figured Bass 64>53

Hello there,

I would like to make a 64 > 53 suspension.
It seems like I can only accomplish that by setting ‘appearance of major or minor triads in root position’ to ‘show both figures’. But I don’t want a major chord in root position to show 5 with # underneath, but just a simple #.

Can this be done?

On my wishlist would be that you could manually alter the figured bass in the properties panel, so you’re not totally dependent on the Engraving Options for a global setting!

shift-G 6->5, 4->3 works for me without any special settings.

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Ah ofcourse. I tried 64>53 instead of pulling them apart. So obvious once you know… Thanks! :slight_smile:

If they’re moving together, it’s not really a suspension, though, is it?

You can override the Engraving Options for a given figure, with o (IIRC). So type o53 on the 2nd beat as a separate figure.

Or go to Note Input Options, and change the Figured Bass option to “Follow input literally”, which will use what you write less strictly.