Figured bass and bracketed accidentals

Not a big deal but consider the following
The [#] is to indicate a player choice, either a kind of 2 dominant or a lowered (no #) passacaglia. Anyhow you can see the accidental reflected in the #6 figured bass. The point is however, is there a way to put brackets around the figured bass, so as to indicate that the sharp six is optional? Using square brackets doesn’t do it as that indicates, well I’m not sure what but it turns them into parenthesis and still displays the figure as before.

You can’t easily put brackets or parentheses around figured bass at the moment; this is something we had hoped to finish up before we left Dorico 3.5.x behind, but unfortunately we weren’t able to do so. However, it is definitely something that we will support in future versions of the software (and in the characteristically sophisticated and best-in-class way you have come to expect – which I can say with a straight face because I had absolutely nothing to do with the implementation of this feature, and it’s really splendid).

Daniel it’s amazing. With this figured bass Rule of the Octave practice sheet it was wonderful to work with, I just duplicated a key and transposed it and everything sorted out.

And it was wild to discover that the arrow keys seamlessly jump from one figured bass to the next and the popups just follow along, I’ve never seen a feature like that anywhere else and it’s brilliant.

Especially pleasing is to see how well it works with fingering. One tiny thing is that it defaults to bass clef fingering below the note, which is way too confusing with a figured bass right below it I think, so I had to click every one to put the fingering above the note.

Oh and also - in that text box at the top “Major #”. I think it didn’t support {@sharp@}