Figured bass and generate chords/ generate notes from chords features

Is there a way to use the ‘figured bass’ feature along with ‘generate chords/ generate notes from chords’ feature?
What I mean is that once a bass line is written with figured bass can the ‘generate chords/ generate notes from chords’ feature be used to generate chords or notes, respectively on other staves in the project? I tried to but it didn’t work for me. I believe such a feature would save quite a bit of note entry time.
In case the facility doesn’t exist presently, can it be included as feature for the next update?

You mean automatic realization? That would be the dream, but there’s a bit more to it than the current chord generation allows!

Yes I meant automatic realisation, which could serve as a starting point musical development.

I’ve been experimenting with automatic realization vis-a-vis Capella’s Tonica Fugata. For the most part, it performs well. It is a little buggy, though, and has crashed a few times. The price they’re asking is too much, unfortunately, but I can definitely see Dorico expanding Generate Notes From Chords into Tonica’s direction.

It would be a great assistance if Dorico brings out this feature. I wish Dorico team would include this in their development priority list.