Figured bass compound intervals and ordering

Hello, I’m trying to engrave these figures in the exact order as shown and with the same numbers, specifically 4/4/6 and all the resolution lines.

I have tried inputting 11/6/4 and enabling “Show compound intervals as simple”, but it doesn’t work:

I also have “Follow input literally” enabled in the Figured Bass Note Input options:

I’m confused why the “follow input literally” doesn’t follow input literally? Am I stuck with using Figurato here?

The reason that “Show compound intervals as simple” doesn’t do anything in this situation is that Dorico doesn’t support using the same number twice in the same figure.

I find that very confusing and difficult to read. What’s the significance of the ‘extra’ 3 in 533?

It suggests doubling the third above the bass.

It seems odd having them both beneath the 5. “3 5 3” would make slightly more sense.

It probably is an odd moment! The chorale melody takes the 5, so the alto and tenor takes the 3’s, which is why it’s ordered in the way it is.


The duplicate 3 and ordering is not a misprint here, the soprano chorale melody takes the 5, and the inner voices double the 3rd.

Somehow it does for 3?

I think that’s because here the “3” is a suspension, so that (internally) it is really a “2”. The same thing would happen with “11,6,4->3”.