Figured Bass - Follow Input Literally

I try to use my spare time to input some figured bass into some scores, using my laptop (where I have Dorico Elements installed). Where can I set the preference to input the numbers literally? On my main computer I have set this to be the default. As far as I understand, this can’t be changed after the numbers have been put in. Otherwise I would just go on inputting regardlessly how they display now - and just wait until I can open the files on my main computer with Dorico Pro.

Input Options – Command Shift I or Ctrl Shift I. (That’s i for input.)

Ben, I can’t find this in Dorico Elements.

Note Input Options is not included in Dorico Elements.

Daniel, thank you for answering!
if I switch Figured Bass Input to literal in my Dorico Pro setup, will this setting be respected, if I continue working on this file in Dorico Elements? I can’t check myself, as I am laptop only at the moment.
If yes, then I could just prepare a score by inputting some figures whilst still in Dorico Pro.
If no, may be I can tweak a setting somewhere under the hood of Dorico Elements to get this very Input choice?

Sorry for the confusion. Yes, any file with settings saved in Pro will keep those settings when opened in Elements.