Figured bass follow input literally?

I cannot find the place where I can specify to follow input of figured bass literally on the iPad as default.

It’s in Note Input Options, which isn’t included in the iPad version.

Thanks, that is what I thought! But saving a document from Pro with these settings it retains these settings so I could use it as a template.
@dspreadbury I think the default should be input literally, who is composing music with basso continuo? Usually you make a new score for creating parts, transposing etc. Then copying the original figures is the standard.


@dspreadbury Could you imagine my suggestion? fantastic there is a new iPad update!

If you want to make the option to take input literally the default for all your new projects, you can do so by clicking Save as Default in the Note Input Options dialog.

Thanks! But not in the iPad app. My suggestion is to make the FB (figured bass/basso continuo/General Bass) literally as standard, most people will want to use it that way and I think I know the field in Baroque area…Of course I appreciate very much the intelligent FB intelligence and set up!