Figured bass input

Sorry, these are beginners questions:

  1. how do I advance to the next beat when inputting figured bass?
  2. is there a galley view im Write mode?
  3. is there an efficient way to activate Popovers in the iPad version?
  1. Figured bass popover navigation is outlined here. See also step 5 on this page.

  2. Yes, see here for switching between galley/page view on the iPad.

  3. You can open popovers on the iPad using an external keyboard if you have one, or using the Notations toolbox on the right of the window.

Thank you Lillie, this is good help and I will try my luck. If one got used not using the mouse in the desktop version it is re-learning this with the iPad’s touch interface (I don’t have a keyboard).

Dear Lillie,
a Happy New Year!
Just a follow up question: am I right that these keyboard commands for advancing back are just possible when using an external keyboard? Shift-Space does also move forward and my iPad keyboard does not display any arrow keys…

Aren’t the arrow keys on the little extra floating palette that provides all the extra buttons that you don’t otherwise have?

Have you tried the navigation buttons in the secondary toolbar? (top of the music area, below the toolbar)

Edit: I have now tried this, and I don’t think it works (I probably should have known that already, apologies). I’ll review whether this topic should be in the iPad manual at all, given the limitations on using modifier keys with the iPad in general anyway.

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Thank you Lillie,
sorry about my late reply, I was quite busy copying a Dies irae (by Hamerik) Requiem, Op. 34: Dies irae - YouTube - on Dorico desktop version…
I think you could leave it in the iPad version manual with an addition (external keyboard only).
Or one could set a new Key Command for moving backwards. Setting new Key Commands in Doric iPad version can’t be done with internal keyboard though: Key commands - dorico-for-iPad