Figured Bass iPad - no keyboard

The title says it all.
I’d like to input the figured bass on the iPad.
My project got it’s start on the big computer, so I could set the Figured Bass Notation Options to follow Literally (that’s what I need).
My piece has the time signature CutC.
I progress with the space bar, so the window advances by the half bar.
My bass line is mostly quavers (Eighth Notes), so I tried to temporarily change the time signature to 8/8.
Very strange, this does not help, the cursor window jumps in not foreseeable units. I can’t explain this behaviour, there must be something strange going on - or a setting I don’t know. Also some of the regular crotchets (Quarter Notes) display as two tied quavers (Eighth Notes)…
At the moment I see only one way to input my Figured Bass:
Put the time signature back to it’s original state CutC.
Select a note, tap the Figured Bass icon, type the numbers, type Enter (4 steps per every entry).
Then repeat these 4 steps for the next note.

It would be practical, if one could fine tune the Figured Bass advance popup window - just as one can with the regular caret (rhythmic grid resolution).