figured bass newbie

First of all, I love Dorico. Made the switch from Sibelius. I’ve searched the forum and can’t find the answer to a probably very simple answer.

I know how to add a figured bass to a note by using Shift G. I don’t know how to simply go to the next note and add its figured bass without going through the Shift G process again. I’ve tried the arrow keys.

Thank you for your patience.

Don’t press return after you type the figure(s), because that will terminate the figured bass input.

Press left or right arrow to go to the next note. Press space to move to the next beat. Press tab to go to the next bar.

The navigation should be the same for figured bass and for lyrics input.

If it doesn’t work like that, tell us what language you are using and whether you are on Windows or Mac, and somebody might know why.

Thank you so much Rob.