Figured Bass on desired instrument

I work with a couple of cellists like that, and one violone player. They say it’s helpful to see crunchy harmonies coming and helps them play certain passages differently. They are in the minority in my case though …


and in emergency situations the cellist can use them as free fingerings…
… g, d&r

Is there a way to add basso continuo / organ -(1 stave). When I am adding the organ and hide or delete the unwanted stave the figured bass gets hidden?

Figured bass is actually attached to the top stave, not the bottom (there’s a thread somewhere about why that is), so when you hide it the figured bass disappears!
Best solution is probably to move your bass and figures up to top stave and then hide the bottom one.

Thanks I will try it.

That’s a neat solution – like the egg of Columbus!