Figured bass overrides, but just partly?

Hi there,

I am spending some time acquainting myself with the figured bass tool.
Sometimes I have to use overrides, as I am copying a 18th century manuscript, but I try to keep the overrides to a minimum. Overrides that I use often are o5 and o4 and sometimes an o3, and that’s allright. But I would like to be able to easily switch between displaying alterations as slashes/plus signs, and sharps. For instance I have my settings to display a 4-2-chord just like that, with two figures. But some times I have to override it to display only a 4. If thats a 4 without alteration, no problem. But if it is a 4#, I have to choose slash/plus sign/accidental in the override. And this means that I can no longer switch at will via Engraving Options; slash stays slash, sharp stays sharp. Is there a solution to this? Like including the choice of number of figures in the override, but not the display type of the alteration?

Unfortunately I don’t think this is possible, but I will check with my colleagues who can remember more about the minutiae of the figured bass popover than I can.

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