Figured Bass Passing Notes

Using Dorico’s new figured bass, I want to add a dash above a bass note to indicate a passing note as taught many moons ago at music college and which is common for Mozart and others. I have tried everything but can find no way of doing this using the figured bass input.

I have also tried searching and viewing the videos but can find no mention of this.

Is this possible or will I have to try using text input.


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You want to show just a dash, not a hold line or suspension connected to a preceding figure? If so, then yes, you will need to add it using Shift+X text.

Thanks Daniel.

I’ve just come across the same issue. A while ago I transcribed a Michael Haydn piece and put in the figured bass with Figurato, rendering the passing note dashes as a lyric extenders. This sort of worked but looks - and is - wrong. I want to revise the score by using the native Dorico figured bass function. Any chance of Dorico being able to put in the dashes from the Shift-G popover in a future update?

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Same request here…

We don’t have any concrete plans for this at the moment, but it’s something we may be able to add in a future version.

Same situation here in bars 115 and 118.

Semantically there is an implied 3 with duration, with the 3 hidden (actually 53 is implied, but only a single hold line is wanted).

Interesting question whether this would be better written with “nothing” on the dotted half notes and the hold line just under the quarter notes. Thoughts?

Best wishes to all in these difficult times.

Clifford’s edition of the Monteverdi Vespers uses lines only on the passing note.