Figured bass problem with multi-staff instruments

If I allow empty staff to be hidden in a cembalo player, in sections where the right hands do not play, the staff is hidden but figured bass also disappears.

There are a number of threads explaining this behaviour. On multi-staff instruments figured bass is actually part of the top staff.

… Which is incorrect from a historical point of view, because composers mostly notated the figured bass staff only, except when it was a fully composed obbligato keyboard part at the same time.

Thanks for your comments. I agree with PjtorB; it should be part of the bottom staff. The only workaround I found is changing the clef in the right hand and writing the bass in the top staff. Any other ideas?

Of course, you also have to hide the cautionary clef…

BTW, the easiest way I have found to hide cautionary clefs is by assigning a custom scale of 0%