Figured bass problem

Hello again !

When I input o64_#3 with the figured bass popover, I end up with a #6 on the first chord. Why ?

Thanks !

Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 14.37.31

Are you wanting the 4-#3 to be a resolution? if so, try separating the “6” from the “4->#3” with a comma, i.e. “6,4->#3”

Just tried that, and I still get the #6

Right yes I see what you mean. For now, add “u” before the 6, for unaltered.

Edit: Ah, of course, it depends on the prevailing key signature! Because Dorico is very smart, if the accidental required for that scale degree isn’t already in the key signature, it’ll appear in the figure.

Ok thanks. It worked if I input “o” and “u” (ou64_#3).

Well the key signature is a minor. So the smart option with a 6 above a bass E is not to have C#…

Have you actually set A minor as the key sig, or you just using “Nothing”? Because Dorico reacts differently to each of those.


However, the cause of this particular problem is most likely to be the options for interpreting diminished intervals in Note Input Options > Figured Bass.

Change this to “Allow diminished intervals”.

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Thank you @benwiggy ,

I tried changing the key to a minor, same behaviour.

Changing the diminished interval did change the behaviour, but strangely added a “natural” sign in front of the 6. I still don’t understand how this is related to a diminished interval… also, how dorico would automatically add a #6 to an E when we’re in A minor…

Anyway, I found my way around the problem so I’m happy !



The diminished interval that Dorico is trying to avoid (by default) is the diminished fourth that would occur between #3 (G#) and natural 6 (C natural). The reason that Dorico shows an explicit natural even after you’ve made the change that Ben refers to is because of a separate Engraving Option:

If you change that to “Never show” then the natural sign won’t be drawn.

Diminished intervals weren’t particularly common in Baroque music (at least not in some periods), and so they were frequently indicated explicitly when they did occur (a bit like cautionary accidentals).

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Thanks! I hadn’t updated to Dorico 5 on my laptop, so the option was not available. Now I did, and everything is fine.