Figured bass producing unwanted sharps

The key of this extract is B minor. Entering 7,5 on the A# produced #7,#5, which is a strange dehaviour since the chord must obviously be a dim 7th here. Even if I enter a ! before the figures still the #7, #5 is produced. 7 by itself works fine, but I’m copying the MS here so ideally I would like to be able to enter the original text. In any case 7,5 is not necessarily a redundancy because it’s making clear that a 7-6 suspension is not what’s intended.
Screenshot 2023-05-14 at 08.03.26

There’s a whole bunch of settings in Engraving Options>Figured Bass. IIRC it’s because there are many different conventions about how figured bass treats diminished and augmented intervals.

Ok got it, I see that I needed to set Accidentals relative to key signature. Thank you

There are also options in Note Input Options, which describe how Dorico interprets your input. Engraving Options merely describes the appearance.

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Thank you for drawing my attention to that Ben, it’s what I was looking for all along!