Figured Bass Properties not changing

Hi everyone,

I’m evaluating latest Dorico 5.10 with figured bass. I’ve tried to change some figured bass properties like color, size…although it seems to accept the changes, Dorico doesn’t seem to apply the changes in the score. Is it a bug or am i missing something?

I think you’re right. No color nor change of size through the Properties panel.

Thanks Mark for the quick response. Right then, it might be a glitch that might be sorted on future update i guess :slight_smile:

See also Daniel’s responses in this thread from 5 years ago. (He did say way back in Dec. 2016 that they intend to implement coloring for everything, but that must be near the bottom of what is by now an extremely long list of things to do.)

Yes so many options to play with, they can have everything right each time…