Figured bass: single extension line

How can I get a single extension line between 5 - 7 (only 5 - 7) in bar 2 of this example? Note input options is set to “follow input literally”. Thank you!

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Try this option on the Figured Bass page of Engraving Options:


Thank you very much, Daniel. I tried to implement this on several occasions but did not succeed.
Here is the situation: Beispiel Daniel.dorico (389.4 KB)

If you make sure the rhythmic end position of the 5,# figure is where the 7 figure is (in your project, the 7 stopped the 5,# figure early) and set the Engraving Option to show a single hold line, and position single hold lines at the top of figures, you get something that looks like I think you want it (attached).

When the first figure overlaps with the 2nd, the # is implied to be held while the 5 changes, making two hold lines semantically necessary. Keep an eye on the attachment lines, they tell you where items begin and end.

Beispiel Daniel_LH.dorico (389.3 KB)

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Thank you, Lillie!