Figured bass unintentionally linked also to basso voice

I’ve just moved to Dorico 4 and have returned to an unfinished project. I have a Baroque mass movement with the notes entered and I’ve just added the figured bass using the G popover. However, I had the Dorico window minimized to show only the BC staff, with the rest of the screen used for displaying the manuscript. When I maximized the Dorico window, it turned out the figured bass displays for the basso voice, too, and the two are linked somehow: whenever I delete a figure in the basso voice, it disappears from the BC staff, too. What should I do? (I know that for Dynamics you can Link and Unlink them, but I see no similar option for the figured bass…)

See Hiding/Showing figured bass in layouts

If you want it off entirely for the Basso voice, turn it off in Layout Options.

If you want it on for Basso voice but with different figures, input local figures as described here: Inputting figured bass

If you want the same figures to show above both staves but sometimes hidden, do that from the properties panel.

Thank you very much, the Layout Options menu had the right option for me.

So it’s not really ‘linking’ the figures like it is in the case of dynamics, it’s more like a global (if I want it to be global) figured bass with the option to make it display or not for various staves. Got it.

Still, I have no idea who told Dorico to display it for the basso voice :wink: Must’ve done it by mistake, I don’t know how…

Thank you very much again!

It works the same way as with chord symbols (which are also global objects by default): if you add one figure to a stave, Dorico silently changes the setting to show figures for that player in that layout.

Make sure you’re on the latest version. There was a bug where you would see the figured in a player stave that was newly added to the layout, but it doesn’t survive a close and reopen. It was fixed in 4.1.10.

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Isn’t it weird that chordsymbols are set up in setup mode, while figured bass lives in layout options?

Beats me!