Figured Bass Workaround

Hello everyone,

It is indeed possible to get decent figured bass in Dorico currently — it just takes a bit of work.

Copying and pasting symbols from this page:
and entering them as lyrics (with the lyrics font changed to Bravura), with multiple lines of lyrics, gets a great result. The only issue is it’s a little difficult to align everything properly, and of course entry via copy-and-paste is not ideal.

I’m attaching a quick example I made — let me know if you have any questions.
TWV 41; (370 KB)
TWV 41; (73.6 KB)

Looks great, thanks for sharing!
Everything seems to position well except for in bar 8.

As a side note, I would have put all the figures below the bass line since you have a realization in the right hand.

Looks good. I’ve done some figured bass too with the lyrics tool and some copy and paste. Only suggestion I would make: how about putting the figured bass under the bass-line and not between the staves?

Yes — I would like to put the figured below the staff, but it’s more difficult to position them there, since most of the eighth notes are in the upper staff, making it simpler to line up the figures there.