Figured Bass


I’m working on a score where I have a Soprano and piano.

1.) Lyric entering is great. Now I want to put in some figuerd bass in the piano part. How canb I do this?

2.) In ther soprano part I have changed some slurs to dashed slurs. But they are shown as “normal” slurs in the score. Is there a way to have the same changes in part as well in the score.

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  1. Figured bass doesn’t really exist natively, but do investigate Figurato, a (free) font that Florian Kretlow designed specifically for Figured Bass. If you set the Chorus Lyrics or Translation Lyrics to use it, then (as long as you don’t need those lyrics styles for actual lyrics) there’s no problem using Figured Bass in vocal music. See

  2. Like anything else that needs to be the same in the score and parts, Edit > Propagate Properties is your friend. It’s an interim measure until the developers have time to find a more intuitive way of ensuring that parts and scores match, so the crucial things to remember are
    a) whatever’s showing in the properties panel gets copied - this means that if you’re in Engrave mode a bigger range of properties will be copied than if you’re in Write mode
    b) it only applies to items currently selected
    c) if you change an item whose properties you’ve previously propagated, you’ll need to propagate its properties again

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