[figured it out] 1.0.20 - extending crescendos (< or >)

i know there is a keyboard command but i can’t seem to find it by searching the forums. does anyone remember how to extend the hairpin under a series of notes? i tried selecting the first note of the notes of interest and then the last note but entering the crescendo mark (< or >) only puts the mark under the first selected note.

it’s so frustrating not to have a comprehensive manual…

solution: on the mac, it’s Shift+option(alt) + the right arrow key to extend the hairpin (the left arrow key to shorten it).

but it doesn’t seem to affect playback. i have a short passage that starts ppp in the flute and goes to fff with the hairpin in between. the sound starts more mf and doesn’t gradually increase but instead suddenly increases at the fff mark.

ok. this is frustrating. the playback of dynamics seems to change when the file is saved and then re-opened. when i did this, the hairpin worked as expected. how is this acceptable behavior? ugh.


You should find that you get a hairpin of the desired length if you select the note on which you want the hairpin to start and then Ctrl+click the note at the end of which you want the hairpin to end, then type < or >. As you’ve found, using Shift+Alt+left/right arrow will lengthen or shorten a selected hairpin.

There may well be bugs in keeping the playback representation of the score up-to-date when you make changes to hairpins like that, though I can’t reproduce this myself in a simple example I’ve created to test it now. If you come up with a simple, minimal reproducible case, please post it here.