Figured strange lane behaviour

Hey all -
especially Johnny Z, FunkyDrummer, ADWolpert, toader, and Steinberg Site Admin (Chris Beuermann and JHP)…

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To recap - When working in lanes mode and splitting events in lanes then, with lanes still open, exit/quit Cubase and re-open the project. When re-opened many more lanes have been created. The more splits that were previously made (before quiting) then the more “unwanted” new lanes were created. This only happened when I left the lanes open (show lanes) before saving and quiting. If I remembered to hide/close all the lanes before saving and closing it was ok - the extra lanes would not be created.

I know a bunch of people were experiencing the same troublesome issue but I understand that JHP at Steinberg reported that they could not reproduce the problem. I think maybe I have figured when it happens and can reproduce it. I would be very grateful if some/all of the members mentioned above could try the same thing - especially the Steinberg guys - and let me know if they get the same result.

First off - I updated to 6.03 in the hope it might have been sorted (but didn’t see it mentioned in documentation so didn’t hold much hope). Sure enough - the problem of many extra lanes being created was still there. I tried a bunch of other things including trashing prefs, removing all the plug-ins that were mentioned in the various blacklist.xml files in preferences. I wondered also if it was because the problem first appeared when I opened a project that began life in Cubase 5. So I created a new Project in Cubase 6 but always the same problem persisted.

Then I noticed somewhere that JHP had asked “When you create a new project do you use a certain template?” and also “Do you maybe use custom templates?” So it occurred to me that I had, even when creating a new project in v6, been starting with a custom template that I had created myself in Cubase 5 (it might even have been in v4 - can’t remember exactly). So - I thought I would try creating a new test project NOT using my custom template. Instead I used one of the templates that comes with Cubase 6 (Stereo Acoustic Guitar). I did this and, in loop mode, recorded a few takes. Then I used scissors tool and split the events in various places. I left the lanes showing and saved and quit.

I re-opened the project fully expecting to see a whole bunch of extra lanes that were not there before. BUT - I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the extra unwanted lanes had NOT been created. All the events were still exactly as they were before!! Delight!

This is very good news for me. The only problem is - I have a number of projects (all fairly complex in terms of lanes, edits, automation, plug-ins, mixing etc etc) which still give the same problem - presumably because they all started life by me using my custom template created in previous version. I would love it if anyone at Steinberg or anyone else could suggest things I might do to “fix” these existing projects? I thought perhaps I could open new, blank projects and copy everything across - mixer settings et all - but I think that would be too big a task since the projects are very involved and I would be worried too much work with to much possibility of me making a mistake!

Does anyone else have ideas about this?

If the guys at Steinberg want me to send project file and or my custom template file that I created in previous version then please just let me know. If I send please tell me if I should just send the .cpr files or do you need the whole project folder contents?

Hope to hear from someone and hope this might help other who were having same issue.


Ian H

Was your template made in version 5 or 6?

Hi mashedmitten

Like I said (somewhere in my rather lengthy post)…

So it occurred to me that I had, even when creating a new project in v6, been starting with a custom template that I had created myself in Cubase 5 (it might even have been in v4 - can’t remember exactly).

I will also try creating a custom template in v6 and see if it gives me the same lanes trouble - not had time to do that but will post result. At the moment I suspect the issue arises from starting new v6 projects by using my template that was created in previous version.

I can post the actual custom template .cpr if it will help - but someone will need to tell me path cos not sure where custom templates are saved.